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Episode 069: How to do Short-Term Missions with Excellence - Part 2

Randy Schmor

Jan 16, 2018

Randy Schmor outlines what it means for a short-term mission to be "mutually designed". In the context of long-term relationship, an excellent short-term mission collaboratively plans each specific outreach for the benefit of all participants.

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Randy Schmor currently serves as Gateway Director for the North American Baptist Conference and has led and trained short-term missions teams for over two decades. He also serves on the board of Standards of Excellence in Short-term Mission. Randy uses the Standards of Excellence guidelines to help empower others to build appropriate and thriving global partnerships.

In this Episode:

  • Mutual design of a short-term mission is based on the foundation of long-term partnership.
  • Mutual design means that the designing and planning for any given short-term mission is a collaborative effort.
  • Without mutual design, we’re not truly leveraging the entire body of Christ and the role that each party has to play in God’s kingdom work. 
  • Collaborative discussions are a pre-requisite for mutual design so that relationships are solidified. The design aspect can take place out of strong relationships.
  • Short-term mission is done best in the context of long-term relationship.
  • Senders and Goers need to have humility, and need to understand the goals, needs, and hearts of the hosting ministry.
  • A strategic vision trip can be an important step in understanding the needs of the hosting ministry, and in building relationships.
  • A mutually designed mission initatiative should have on-field methods and activities aligned to long-term strategies.
  • Key quality indicators (KQI’s) can help you evaluate whether a short-term mission is mutually designed.
  • The connection of short-term mission to long-term partnership needs to be understood not only by leaders, but by Goers and the church.
  • It is important that the pastor of a church is supportive of the long-term partnership.
  • Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Missions offers conferences such as Standards Introductory Workshops and also sponsors workshop tracks on short-term mission including presence at the Missio Nexus conference and the International Wholistic Missions Conference. 
  • Randy offers workshops on Best Practices in Leading Short-term Teams and Best Practices in Long-term partnerships. Information about these workshops can be found on the NAB website.
  • Contact Randy Schmor through the NAB website or by email at


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